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 3  Foot Ninja 3 Foot Ninja
Igra mačevima.
 3D Zmija 3D Zmija
3D verzija popularne zmije.
 60 seconds 60 seconds
Ukradi 10 auta i skupi $200,000 u 10 minuta (60sec/autu)
 Adventures of Jack Adventures of Jack
You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies and others avoid c
 Adventures of a Cow Adventures of a Cow
Help rescue the cows friend who is locked away in a cage.
 Agent Footy Agent Footy
Potrebno je skupiti što više novca i staviti ga u sef.
 Air Defense 1 Air Defense 1
Take control of the anti aircraft guns and shoot down the invading enemy planes to defend your ba
 Air Wolf Air Wolf
If the gunship is hit with a bullet or hits the side of the arena or the other gunship it will di
 Aitchu 3 Aitchu 3
You are Aitchu The Ninja. You have to save Sawsi San from the kidnappers in their aquatic domain.
 Alien  Showdown Alien Showdown
Distruge rasa extraterestra si mai mult - arunca cu grenade in cuibul lor!
 Alpine  Escape Alpine Escape
Prinde fetele care cad, trage in inamic dar ai grija sa nu tragi in balon!
 Ankomako Ankomako
In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items and stays away from the evil witch.
 Anti Terrorism Dept. Anti Terrorism Dept.
Koristi nož, mačetu, katanu i pušku za srediti teroriste
 Apprentice DQ Demo Apprentice DQ Demo
Succeed in running a Dairy Queen restaurant, keep the customers happy by completing their orders
 Aqua Field Aqua Field
Guide the tiny fishes and their mother to tasty worms avoiding all the threats.
 Attack Of The Fever Heads Attack Of The Fever Heads
Smash the fever heads with pipes or hit them with your cart to cleanse Sealab of Green Fever!
 Babycal Throw Babycal Throw
Gotta knock down people with soda cans.
 Balance Tobby Balance Tobby
How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?
 Ball Trap Ball Trap
Get all the red balls on the red side and all the blue balls on the blue side by moving the paddl
 Balls And Walls Balls And Walls
Destroy your neighbors platform and bring him down to earth by throwing fireballs at him.
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