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Gađaj padobrance i druge vojnike u avionu i helikopteru prije nego stignu na zemlju.
Pang 2001Pang 2001
Bubble Trouble type game run and shoot the bubble with your harpoon gun to break it down.
Pang 2004Pang 2004
Classic Bubble Trouble type game. Shoot down the bubbles with your harpoon and travel the m
Park a Lot 2Park a Lot 2
Pick up peoples cars. Get in, drive off, and park them in a stall. Then pick them up again lat
Odaberi momka ili djevojku i trči kroz džunglu, sredi neprijatelja i eliminiraj šefa.
Pest AttackPest Attack
Move around jump up on the tables and swat at those pesky rats and spiders before they bite you.
Run around catching lunch boxes but dont drop them.
Pinball Smash UpPinball Smash Up
Classic break out arkanoid style game with a pin ball machine twist.
Ping BricksPing Bricks
Bounce the ball with your paddle and make it hit the bricks to destroy them.
Ping Pong 3DPing Pong 3D
Stolni tenis
Pixel FieldPixel Field
Move the base around but watch out as the 3 connected swinging pixels dont hit a bad pixel.
Rescue the stranded escape pods that have been lost within the alien planets strange caves.
Po Point 2Po Point 2
Click the numbers in consecutive order as fast as possible.
Click on clusters of two gems or more to remove them before they reach the top.
Prebij mačkuPrebij mačku
Palicom prebij mačku.
Presidential  KnockoutPresidential Knockout
Play as George W. Bush and punch your opponent to get him out of the fight.
Puzzle 3Puzzle 3
Dobra slagalica
Line up same colored tiles vertically to clear them off the board.
Red Apple RevengeRed Apple Revenge
Shoot down birds using your gun and avoid the poop that drops down on you.
Classic arkanoid break out style arcade game, use your paddle to hit ball and breaks brick and ga
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